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Meet the team!

We’re a professional group of illustrators, digital artists and graphic designers. And we’ve been working together as a tight-knit team for over fifteen years.

senior team leaders

John Semprit | Co-founder & Creative Director of Illustration
John is our fearless leader. Like the Terminator, he relentlessly drives every project through to completion, overcoming any obstacle along the way. He is part man, part machine; a cybernetic organism of living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. However, we all know that underneath his hyper-alloy combat chassis, lies a big heart. John puts his best into every project as if it were his last and treats every client as if they were his first.

Arthur Burlingame | Co-founder & Creative Director of Graphic Design
Arthur is the creative instigator. He works to shape the creative brain of the company. To keep in tune with contemporary media and to stay on top of emerging trends, he continues his eternal quest for artistic inspiration. Follow us on twitter @fracpix to catch some of our most inspired moments.

Nick DiBenedetto | Senior Art Director of Digital Illustration
Nick is not afraid to explore all avenues of possibility to create an impactful project, even when these explorations take him to the most unlikely of places. As a hobbyist in gory special effects and make-up, he goes beyond the obvious haunts of Halloween stores and instead can be found trolling the aisles of hardware stores for parts to build a blood cannon or severed limbs and cadavers. Nick is an “out-of-the-coffin” thinker.

Andrew Krahnke | Senior Illustrator
Andrew is like a Great White Shark. When a project is put before him, he silently sizes up its potential, diving into the depths of his imagination to plan the best angle of attack. At the right moment, he attacks with fearless speed and creative tenacity, emerging with an explosive execution of graphite perfection. Andrew is a formidable member of our team and the main reason why we’re afraid to go into the water.

Carlos Nieves | Senior Illustrator
Carlos speaks softly and carries big talent. He brings a strong sense of family to our team. He is a dedicated father and a devoted husband and that same dedication and devotion shines through in his work. Each project he attends to is imbued with a great sense of care and thought. When he’s ready to let it go out into the world, we all know that he’s done his absolute best to allow the work to stand and succeed on its own.

Steve Talaba | Senior Digital Illustrator
Steve is our team’s Digital Colorist. He is also our movie critic and an unheralded comic buff. This exposure feeds his passion for color and has had a great hand in helping him to create vibrant and eye-catching artwork. All of the projects that are fortunate enough to experience the sweep of his stylus become wonders to behold.